A Healthy Heart 4 Baby Cohen

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Daily updates and photos are on Facebook at Team Cohen, please check there for the latest information.  Read below for the history of Baby Cohens journey. 

Baby Cohen and his family want to first and foremost thank all who have been sending the family messages of caring, prayers and Love...the support is
heart-moving and just amazing. So many ask what can they do for Baby Cohen, that's simple, keep the positive healing thoughts and prayers coming Baby Cohens way and please Donate what you can to help this beautiful family with the financial challanges that they have already begun to experience. 
Baby Cohen was born on September 13, 2013 and shortly after birth, doctors noticed a breathing issue. Cohen was quickly transferred to Conemaugh and treated for underdeveloped lungs and pneumonia. When Cohen was not responding well to the treatment the docotors at Conemaugh decided to do an echocardiogram. Within minutes after starting the echocardiogram the technicians called for multiple doctors. At that point in time Cohens mother Stephanie was notified by the Dr that Cohen had major heart anatomy issues. He was immediately life flighted to Childrens's Hospital in Pittsburgh. He was treated in the neonatal intensive care unit upon arrival and then transferred to the cardio intensive care unit. Another echocardiogram was completed upon arrival and the doctor stated that she could not find his pulmonary arteries. The followoing day the cardiology team ment and discussed that they believe Cohen would need a heart Catheterization to further look at his heart anatomy structure. Cohen underwnet a heart catherization that revealed he had a major heart defect called "Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia and major aortopulmonary collateral arteries.  

Currently Cohen is being treated at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh with the hope to avoid surgery until he is three months of age. Cohen will have to have numerous surgeries in many stages in order to reconstruct the anatomy of his heart. Cohens parents David and Stephanie have been with him at Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh since he was life flighted. Cohen has an older brother Hudson, 5 and an older sister Eliza, 2 at home in Altoona. 
With the complexity of his heart defects makes this a very rare case. The hardest thing baby Cohen and his family will go through in their lives. The miracle that is baby Cohen, fighting for his life is a gift and we gladly accept it as there is no greater gift than a child.

Having the Love and support of family & friends is a blessing. For the challange that lies ahead,  it will "take a village" Let's take the challange and be the village of support and really help baby Cohen's family with the financial Challange by donating now. Any unused donations will go to Ronald McDonald House.
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