A Happy, Healthy Childhood for Micro-Preemies Wade and Lexus

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Wade and Lexus Brady were born August 14, 2011 at a gestational age of 22 weeks and 5 days. They are two surviving triplets that were given a 0% chance of living upon birth; their sister, Addison Elsie Brady was reunited with God on July 9, 2011 due to severe complications with the pregnancy. Their father, Mark Brady (whose parents Doug Brady and Kim Waterman still live in the Northern Iowa region of Hampton) was in the NICU when he was born after suffering a severe brain bleed that caused his disability, cerebral palsey. Their mother, Holly Brady is disabled and has many health problems; she was given less than a 2% chance of ever getting pregnant. On top of that, she was given less than a 0.1% chance of ever having multiples. Miraculously, her first pregnancy ever was with triplets! Due to her previous health problems and then the strain of a high order multiple pregnancy, there were many complications and trials for Holly and all three babies. Holly was hospitalized at 10 weeks into the pregnancy for a subchorionic hematoma, but all three babies clung onto life. At 11 and a half weeks, Holly underwent an emergency surgery to remove a cyst that was twisting her right ovary and cutting off its blood supply (a torsion.) At 17 weeks, she was hospitalized for an incompetent cervix with protruding membranes. At 17 and half weeks, Addison’s sac ruptured, and she bravely clung to life for another day and a half before prematurely delivering. Doctors explained that attempting to continue the pregnancy for the other two babies would eventually result in a septic infection for Holly that could easily take her life as well as the babies’. After much prayer the decision was made to try and save the babies despite any risks to Holly herself. After that decision was made, it was a long 5 weeks on strict hospital bed rest in the trendelenburg position as well as surgery for a rescue cerclage to keep Wade and Lexus from delivering early. At 22 weeks and 5 days, only two days away from receiving steroid shots to improve Wade and Lexus’ lung development, chorioamnionitis (an infection of the babies’ sac of waters) sent Holly into an emergency c-section. She did indeed end up with a septic infection caused by the chorioamnio infection and was given slim chances of surviving the surgery herself let alone having both of her remaining babies survive. Even though the doctors expected the babies to be born under a pound, both Wade and Lexus not only came out over a pound but trying to breathe on their own! Wade was born weighing 1 pound 2 ounces and Lexus 1 pound 1 ounce. They persevered through an exceptionally difficult pregnancy and through an even tougher beginning to life. Wade underwent an emergency surgery to remove part of his small intestine after a Penrose drain failed at only one month old due to necrotizing enterocolitis. He jumped from 1 pound 5 ounces to over 3 pounds from fluid retention, and his heart started to fail from the pressure. None of his medical staff thought he would live through the surgery let alone bounce back so quickly. He had an ostomy bag for over six weeks before having surgery again to reconnect his intestines. Lexus had heart surgery (a PDA ligation) and suffered a severe case of pneumonia at one month old and was not expected to live through the night. After an intense night of full respiratory support, she made a miraculous recovery. She has had over 10 pneumonia and other respiratory infections at only 8 months old; she continues to fight through each infection. Wade has had pneumonia three times, and each time he battles through it to a full recovery. They both had laser eye surgery for ROP and now have normal vision. Both Wade and Lexus have had surgery to repair inguinal hernias, and Lexus just recently had a surgery for a tracheotomy to ventilate her lungs better, and a gastrostomy feeding tube and a nissen fundoplication for chronic GERD and vomiting. They both have osteopenia of prematurity, and they both have severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia (chronic lung disease.) Lexus also has pulmonary hypertension, but despite all of their medical frailties, they have truly defied all modern medical science in that both have miraculously escaped any brain damage. It is incredibly common for premature infants to suffer brain bleeds that can cause serious disabilities such as cerebral palsy; the younger the gestation an infant is born at, the greater the risk for brain bleeds. Wade and Lexus emerged unscathed as far as brain bleeds go, and for micro-preemies born as young as 22 weeks gestation, that truly is a shocking miracle! In fact, their father, Mark Brady, suffered a brain bleed as an infant that caused him to develop cerebral palsy. Wade and Lexus are fighters just like their parents. Despite all of the challenges Wade and Lexus have faced, they have persevered and remained alive. Time and time again, specialist doctors and nurses have all said that they were shocked and surprised at how Wade and Lexus keep defying medical science. They truly are the very definition of miracles, and after the emotional rollercoaster that the Brady’s went through, they have survived as a strongly bonded family. Now, to keep Wade and Lexus living a fruitful and happy life, we need help providing the best possible environment for them to live in in order maintain their delicate health. Please help Wade and Lexus remain infection free and healthy so that they can continue growing and being happy little miracles! May their story of success through trials and tribulation serve as inspiration and hope to others who are in similar straits.
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