A beautiful goodbye for Shannon and good future for Abigail

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Charles Wachal

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It is with great relief to announce the ending of Shannon's battle with neurofibromatosis Type 2. Shannon went home today [February 14, 2014] surrounded by her wonderful family and some close friends. Shannon now has a new body without any tumors, pain, or discouragement. She died peacefully in her sleep. Shannon wants us all to have the courage to continue without her and wants us to know that she is enjoying her life now. Please continue to pray for my family and friends as we mourn the loss of our wonderful loved ones. Please stay tuned for funeral arrangements as they will be announced sometime next week.

From Sister, Rachel: http://www.shmesolution.com/2013/10/20/for-shannon/

When Shannon was just 5 years old she underwent her first surgery because of a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2, for short). Over the next 20 years she has undergone an additional 20 surgeries including 5 brain surgeries. The disorder causes benign tumors to grow throughout her body from just inside the skin to deep inside the brain and spinal cord. NF2 has left her with no hearing and many other weaknesses. There is one major strength within her; it is her desire to persevere. She continues to want to get better and to be able to do things to help others. On October 6, 2012 she married Charles Wachal and the two enjoyed the first year of their marriage. During this time she also gave birth to their wonderful daughter Abigail Grace. She is a sweet 6 month old now. Deep inside Shannon much was changing however and after two MRIs they have determined that her tumors in her brain have grown significantly. Shannon had 80-90% blockage in her c2 vertebrae which was causing major weakness in her body. On their first anniversary, Charles sat by her side and prayed, as she slept in ICU. She had surgery for that spinal tumor in October 2013, however more testing has revealed other growing tumors, major weakness, headaches, recent inability to keep down food and other significant symptoms. Shannon and Charles have a good life together but financially this will be a major burden for them to bare. The cost of traveling to and from hospital stays, surgeries, recovery, and follow-ups will be enormous along with the living expenses, and for Abigail’s care.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

I feel so much connection and desire to help my dear friend, as I too have the same disorder, NF2, which also took my hearing; however I am blessed to be in better physical health, at this time. I have done a LOT of fundraising over recent years, for NF awareness and medical research... but I have not before now set a single goal to help one very good friend.  

Please support Shannon, as she strives to be the healthy mommy she has always  dreamed of being!  


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