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4 Karen our Hero!

$7,145raised of $100,000 goal

Organizer: Alise Newby Beneficiary: Karen Marinelli

Karen Marinelli saved 3 of her first grade students May 20, 2013 as a F5 ripped apart Plaza towers school. She sheilded our son and two others, she is our hero. Donate here!

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We'd like to thank everyone for visiting this page.

May 20, 2013 An F5 ripped through our neighborhood. Our son's school Plaza Towers took a direct hit. Liam was in school that day. He was one of three boys saved by Mrs. Karen Marinelli, his first grade teacher. She laid on-top of her students as the school was taken by the monster tornado. A brick wall and other debris landed directly on her and the boys. She is the only reason the 3 boys are still with there families. She's truly our hero.

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We can never truly repay her for her sacrifice, but we can help her family get through this time of healing. She is recovering from a back fracture, crushed pelvis, and fractured ankles. She will not be allowed to even attempt walking until her back is strong enough, possibly 6 weeks or longer. This means constant help and care which her husband is taking off work to do.

You can help us, by donating! Please share and get the word out to everyone you know! God bless!

An update June 18, 2013. Karen's back brace has been removed! Yay! She has been stuck at a 60 degree angle since her surgery after the tornado, and now she has some movement back in her life. She will be able to return to teaching in August, where she will be teaching first grade at her son's elementary school in Moore. Her spirit continues to inspire! Walking will be the goal as soon as the doctors release her. Continue to pray for strength and healing for our hero!
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by Alise Newby
Can you believe it's almost Spring again!?

I just want to thank everyone for your support through It's been such a blessing to give back something to our friend and hero Karen.

If you haven't already hear Karen and Dominic are expecting a little girl May 2014! So exciting. She gets to celebrate her own miracle this next May!
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by Alise Newby
Finally!! The day has arrived Karen is able to get up one her feet. Check out this link for the video of her first steps! So happy for her!
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by Alise Newby
Read Mrs. Marinelli's full account here:


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by Alise Newby
July 10 Karen's "turtle shell" came off! I can only imagine her relief to have some spine movement back to her life. She is doing awesome and her spirit is inspiring. We just love her and her wonerful family. I can't thank everyone enough who has donated and shared this website! Please continue to keep her in your prayers, much more healing to do in the coming months.
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