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Sylvia Madden is a most outgoing fun loving and lovely individual. She is the mother of two, an RN, and very community oriented. Horseback riding is her passion, as is spending time with her friends, and helping people in her community. Being an RN, she is always helping others and most recently has faced one of life's most challenging times: health problems with limited financial support. She was injured during a horse riding event, hospitalized with a concussion and multiple fractures of her hips. During her recuperation she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. She has been off work for 4 + months and does not have benefits to cover this extended leave and is not eligible for federal or state aide. Treatment included chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant.   She will be off work for an indefinite amount of time. With very limited resources and benefits, it is most difficult for her. She has helped so many others, and now we are asking others to help her. Please consider a small donation to help with day to day living and medical expenses, during her extended unpaid leave. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Thank you .
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