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Beneficiary: Amy Paradis Organizer: FootPrints SCI Recovery Inc

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Amy was injured in a motor vehicle accident on December 26, 2009. She broke her C6/C7 vertebrae, leaving her quadriplegic and on life support. Doctors told her that she would never regain her independence, and current research states that any possible recovery will plateau after 18 months. Amy has never given up. Not once. Her trainer, will tell you that she is the most determined individuals that one could ever meet. She is now four years post-injury, and with incredible mental and physical efforts she has regained controlled strength and function in her arms, core, hip and pelvic area, ab/adductors, and most recently - her quadriceps. It is hard to express through text how unbelievable it is to see her progress like this.

Amy has been assessed and qualifies for the Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton. When we get this incredibly valuable & unique device, she will be the third quadriplegic in the world to be able to use this. It will literally enable her to walk again - it will retrain the body how to go through the motions, and over time her leg muscles will get stronger. We need this.

FootPrints is based in Windsor, Nova Scotia - a small town of under 4,000 people. What we are doing here is incredible, and will have immense impact on future medical research. We need funding, and we need to create awareness, which can be a challenge coming from a small community.

Amy has put together a short video to tell her story. The video on this page was created entirely by her. Please help support in any way you can - share this page with your friends, talk about us, check out our Facebook page, and/or of course you can donate to help raise the funds that we need for the Exoskeleton.
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