Help Abdullahi get medical attention for the hole in his heart

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Here is the story of how I learned about Abdullahi through a friend and how she discovered him.

Late last year while doing some field work in the villages of Somalia (I work in the education sector and I was monitoring the performance and attendance of some 200 orphan and extremely vulnerable girls whom the Ministry is sponsoring) I came across a very poor nomadic family in the middle of the most deserted village with lots of kids. They welcomed me and all of the kids came running to greet me and the driver. The family was so poor they apologized they had nothing to offer us accept for some goat milk. After we had chatted for about half an hour I got up to leave and then I heard a cry. Oh I said you have another baby? I was surprised because the youngest the mother had was about 3 or so months. Then she said no, that is Abdullahi, he is sick. The driver started the engine of the car and I walked towards the car but something stopped me. Abdullahi’s cries inside that hut stopped me. I wanted to take a look at him. I told them I wanted to say hi and they took me inside. On the floor, unable to get up on his own, was a small and frail looking baby. His eyes, I will never forget his eyes. They were so red and it was obvious he was in a lot of pain. I walked towards him and he became scared. I noticed his heart was beating so fast and both his ears were oozing. At this point all the kids of the area are also inside and they are looking at me with such shock in their eyes. I picked up Abdullahi and felt the heat, he had a very high fever. I asked the parents what was wrong and they said they didn’t know, he was born like that and his age was 3 years. My heart went out to the kid and I just sat there for some 30 minutes and a plan came into my head. I got up and took some pictures and made a video as well of the parents and the grandfather who had joined us by then. 

After we had gone I arranged for Abdullahi to be taken to the closest hospital in the nearest hospital for immediate treatment and a thorough medical check-up. After close to a month, Abdullahi was diagnosed with having a hole in his heart. I am still trying to secure enough funds for him to be taken abroad so he can be treated. Until I am able to do, I send a small amount of money to Abdullahi’s mother to buy him some drugs and food. 
I made a page for Abdullahi where you can see his face and hear his mother’s plea for support from all mankind. 

We both want to help this child get the medical attention he needs but just the two of us can not accomplish what this child needs. We are reaching out to you all to help this little boy get help so he would not cry in silent with pain. Please give whatever you can it would mean the world to him and his family.

If you want to send checks to support him please email me at Thank you so much for all your support.

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