How Does Crowdfunding Work?

How Crowdfunding Works For Fundraisers

Fundraising online is a powerful way to rally a community's support in times of need. By reaching out to your personal network to crowdfund a campaign, you enable people to financially and emotionally support others through difficult life events.

Raising funds through YouCaring couldn't be easier. You can create your free online fundraiser page and payment portal in less than 5 minutes. Then the crowdfunding process begins, as you share your campaign with friends and family to start raising money – before you know it, your friends show their friends, and the community of support expands.

Just follow these simple steps to launch your campaign.


1. Create

Your campaign will have its very own page where you can fill others in on your crowdfunding cause and why it's so important. Including pictures and videos is a great way to encourage support.  


2. Share

Social media is the best way to get the word out about your campaign. Use our Promotion Tools to spread the word to friends, family and other potential donors via Facebook, Twitter and email. Post regular updates to inspire and motivate donors and keep money coming in.


3. Collect

Donations to your fundraiser are transferred into your PayPal or WePay account as soon as they're received. We don't take a single cent of your donations. YouCaring is financed exclusively by voluntary contributions made specifically to support our site, making it the only truly free website of its kind.


4. Help Others

When your campaign ends, you're an excellent resource for others who could benefit from our free online crowdfunding campaigns. If you know someone who could use assistance raising funds for a cause they care about, tell them about Join us in making the world a better place!

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Types of Crowdfunding Campaigns

YouCaring makes donating simple and secure for personal, charitable, non-divisive causes.

  • Medical fundraisers cover the health care expenses of a loved one, whether it's a one-time cost or for ongoing care.

  • If you are adopting a child, adoption fundraisers can cover anything from adoption agency costs to travel expenses. These can also include costs of expanding a family, such as surrogacy.

  • Funeral expenses fundraisers and memorial fundraisers help raise money to lessen the burden of financial needs in the wake of a loved one's passing. These campaigns may also seek to raise money for the well-being of the family of the deceased.

  • Need help for a furry friend? We host pet expenses fundraisers to raise funds for vet bills and other animal care costs.

  • If your sight is set on generous works elsewhere, service projects fundraisers enable you to fund a volunteer trip abroad for medical relief or humanitarian aid. This can also include faith-based or mission trips fundraisers.

  • Educational needs can benefit from raising money online: whether you're trying to raise money for tuition or need help with school fundraising for sports teams or the arts, we have you covered.

  • Other fundraising for a cause can include mustering funds for a community member in need or disaster relief, as well as nonprofit fundraising. We also encourage social enterprise fundraising, such as seeking financial assistance getting a life-saving program to those who need it most.

Please note:  YouCaring does not permit fundraising campaigns for legal defense, litigation, bail bonds or other legal matters.  Related fundraisers may also be subject to review on a case-by-case basis

How to Start Crowdfunding - For Donors

The YouCaring crowdfunding platform makes donating simple and secure.

Just go to the fundraiser's page and click "Give Now." Your donation will be processed through PayPal or WePay, with the money forwarded to the fundraiser´s account right away. YouCaring does not charge for using our site, but the credit card processors will deduct their charges directly, usually 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

We use encryption technology to keep your personal data secure and never sell information about our users, so you don't have to worry about being contacted by other fundraisers. In fact, we won't even share your contact information with the person you donate to unless you specifically give us permission.

So, go ahead. Support the cause or person you care about now! 

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This is how it all works!

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