Victims of the 2014 Harlem Explosion

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Organizer: Teachers of Oscar and Rosaura Beneficiary: The Hernandez Barrios Family

Help the Hernandez Barrios family, who are victims of the East Harlem explosion, cover burial, medical, and expenses they acquire as they rebuild their lives.

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Many of you are aware of the explosion in East Harlem on March 12, 2014.  The Hernandez-Barrios family has been a part of our school community for many years. Oscar is one of our current students and was seriously injured in the explosion. His sister, a graduate of our school, and his mother both lost their lives in the explosion.

As a way to assist the Hernadez-Barrios family, this page has been created to centralize contributions for the catastrophic expenses they now face.  Donate by clicking Give Now on the above right.  The money goes directly into a PayPal account controlled by the family.

Please visit their Facebook page to share your condolences in their time of need.
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by Teachers of Oscar and Rosaura
We're back online!  All issues with PayPal have been resolved.  Let's get this train back on track.  Thank you all for your help and patience!

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by Teachers of Oscar and Rosaura
Hello out there!  Thanks to those of you have already donated and to those of you who are here to donate!

The fundraiser is on a temporary hold while some issues with PayPal are sorted out.  Seems like we've raised too much money too fast!   We're trying to get in touch with the family to get it sorted it out.  We'll let everyone know when we're up again.
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