Sylvan Dale Ranch Recovery Fund'

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Beneficiary: Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch Organizer: Kim Tarabetz

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I was in Colorado for a meeting which was held at the Sylvan Dale ranch located on the Big Thompson River in Loveland, CO. Unfortunately, we had to be evacuated midway through the meeting due to the relentless rains that hit Colorado. The ranch sustained severe damage. I am now safely at home in California, but I was so touched by the amazing people at the ranch that I felt drawn to help.

If you have the chance, please visit their website and read the story of the ranch ( This beautiful family ranch was built on love. Over the years it has been everything from a refuge for troubled teens to a venue for couples to begin their married lives together, and everything in between. This is a group of people who truly have servant hearts.

The damage sustained from the flood waters is significant. Structures have been lost, bridges washed out, and the river has even cut a new path on the property. This family who has given so much love and joy to their guests is now in need of help. It is my pleasure to help them begin the journey to rebuilding Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch. 

100% of your donation goes directly to the Jessup's Paypal account. I have offered to help facilitate this site as a way to help, and I am working directly with David Jessup. I witnessed the devestation first hand and it had a profound impact on me. Please understand, I do not have access to any of the funds raised. Like you, I just get to watch the donations come in to the site. If you have any questions or concerns about the legitimacy of this fundraiser, please note that Sylvan Dale has also placed a link to this fundraiser on their website.

Please make a donation here. Any amount helps. Together we can make a difference for these wonderful people.

Here are links to articles we have seen that tell Sylvan Dale's story -  

9/17/13 -

9/18/13 -

9/20/13 - Please visit Sylvan Dale's blog page. The Jessup family has shared a letter to their supporters.
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