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Support for Kyle Jaglal and his family!

$209raised of $2,500 goal

Organizer: Caroline Wilson Beneficiary: Kyle Jaglal

Kyle lost his job just two days before Thanksgiving for helping an elderly customer! Now he and his family are struggling. Thanks for giving and supporting him.

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On Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 -- just two days before Thanksgiving -- my son, Kyle Jaglal, was fired from a Walmart store in Frankfort, Kentucky for price matching a turkey for an elderly customer who had an advertisement in hand. He broke no rules and adhered to Walmart's price matching policy.

Kyle had been working at Walmart for about six months as a Customer Service Manager (CSM). On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Kyle approved the price match for the elderly customer who was purchasing a turkey -- a popular policy Walmart proudly advertises frequently. But on the following Tuesday, he was called to the back of the store by the manager and questioned about the turkey. As a customer service manager, Kyle's job was to authorize or decline a price match. He authorized it and it was the cashier who rang up the sale. The manager said the turkey was not on the receipt. As it’s the cashiers job to conduct the sale, it doesn’t make sense that Kyle would be held responsible if she did not put the turkey on the receipt. But that’s exactly what happened. Kyle was immediately terminated just two days before Thanksgiving and told to turn in his badge.

Kyle was well-liked by customers and co-workers and passed his customer service test with flying colors. I would hate to think that he was fired because of his race (he’s one of only a handful of people of color who work at this Walmart location) or in retaliation for registering his concerns about a month earlier about bias and unfair treatment from another manager.

Please sign my petition to ask Walmart to give Kyle his job back. He is a single father of two young children and he walked the two miles to work and back every day in rain, snow or sleet and even 20 degree weather. He loved his job and he loved helping the people at Walmart.

Fundraiser goes directly to Kyle and his children.   We are so grateful for all the support.  Thank you to all those who have supported us through this petition and website. Your help is greatly appreciated. 

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by Caroline Wilson

Happy New Year to all of our supporters and thank you for your thoughts, and prayers, and support.  We appreciate every gift that has been contributed towards Kyle and his family. 

by Caroline Wilson
I just want to thank those who have supported this cause through the petition. I especially want to thank those that went the extra mile and gave a donation gift to help Kyle and his family.  Every gift counts and we feel blessed knowing that we have supporters like you. 





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