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Cinthya was the driver involved in a tragic accident last fall.  She has recently been sentenced to probation and community service.  Despite her sentence, she now faces the possibility of being deported to Mexico.  Although she was born in Mexico, she has grown up here in Washington County.


She is fighting to be allowed to remain in the U. S. and carry out her sentence.  This fundraiser will help offset the cost of the legal proceedings.


The Garcia-Cisneros family would appreciate any help that you can offer. Even a small amount will show community support.



by friends of the Garcia-Cisneros family

1. While a specific date for Cinthya's next immigration hearing has not yet been set, her attorney Courtney Carter has requested new letters of support. These letters will be presented to the presiding judge of the immigration hearing.  She would like the letters as soon as possible.

Ideally a letter will:

-speak to your support for Cinthya that she be able to remain in the US with permanent status (her ability to live and work in the US and finish beauty school and work towards citizenship)

-address your concern for her well-being (i.e. she has not received any counseling since the accident; family and friends are not able to visit her with any frequency given the distance from Forest Grove and the cost involved in travel; being allowed to complete her probation and speak to other youth about what she has learned will help her grow through this experience...)

-speak to the good she can do for the community if allowed to share her story; process of healing for the community

-address the support she could provide her family and in particular her disabled cousin for whom she was a primary care giver

-address Cinthya's character (if you know Cinthya)


If you wrote a letter for Cinthya for the prior hearing you do not need to write a new letter. Just add to your past letter your hope that Cinthya be allowed to remain permanently in the US. 

Please send letters to Courtney’s office:


2.  Cinthya's criminal defense attorneys are in the process of putting together the case for an appeal of the two felony convictions Cinthya received. However, the appeal will probably take two or three years. In the meantime, Cinthya could be deported, or left in detention in Tacoma. Therefore, we will soon begin two parallel campaigns: 


a) request that Governor Kitzhaber  pardon Cinthya's felony convictions (a pardon would probably result in her release from detention since the Obama administration has placed emphasis on deporting only immigrants with felony convictions); and 


b) request that our federal delegation intervene with INS on Cinthya's behalf. Our senators and representatives could place pressure on INS to release Cinthya. 

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