Sunshine for Sammy

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Beneficiary: The Richardson Family Organizer: Joanna Sarver

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Sammy should be looking forward to summer.  Instead, he's worried about how his large family of eight will eat each day.  His parents lost their jobs and the family is now homeless.  They live in their car and struggle to meet the basic daily needs of life.  His father is trying hard to find a new job.  It's harder for his mom because she's pregnant.  Their family is loving, committed and supportive.  The kids' teachers have said Sammy's parents do more and are more involved than others who have far more.  Sammy & his family need our help.  They need us to stand in the gap for them and be the bridge between where they are today and where they could be tomorrow.  This is not a story of what is but of what could be.  Your help and support will change this family's life.
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