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Spanish Christian Church Harlem - Healing Friends and Family

$28,849raised of $250,000 goal

Organizer: Damian Rivera (On behalf of Spanish Christian Church) Beneficiary: Spanish Christian Church

On Wed morning March 12th a devastating event destroying the Spanish Christian Church and the neighboring building. This fundraiser is to help those that have lost everything due to this disaster.

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*Please Note: All donations made go directly to the church. Please send contact information message with donation amount which will allow the church to provide a tax deductible receipt.

On March 12th two buildings collapsed in East Harlem after a massive explosion, leaving 8 people dead. But these were not ordinary buildings. One was the Spanish Christian Church.

Amongst the victims was a family member. What is not easy to see or know is this is a place I was raised. Where I went to Sunday school. It's where my parents were married, where my mom was raised and learned to play the guitar. Its a place that has kept a community together for decades. 

Because of the close community although others that were lost may not have all been blood, they were all family. 

As we prepare for funeral arrangements, we also are trying to help the survivors move forward. Many have truly lost everything. They have lost their loved ones, their homes, and for some all of their possessions. 

Please help us to help them move forward.
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