Sharing the Costs of Racism

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Beneficiary: Garnetta Cromwell Organizer: Carol Millett

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On October 7, Garnetta Cromwell had the side of her car spray painted with a racist slur. She drove around town not knowing the "n" word was painted on her car until a passerby pointed it out to her. Having to drive home with that word on her car, Garnetta felt angry, hurt and degraded.

Garnetta believes this was linked to her case of racial discrimination she filed with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission against her former employer, Leon's Furniture. Garnetta resigned her job because she felt degraded and knew she had no possibility of career advancement.

Now her personal and private space was violated with a racist act, with the intent to isolate and silence.

Racism degrades, disempowers and divides us, and it costs. Garnetta resigned her job, now she has out of pocket expenses to repaint her car.

When I heard that Garnetta's car had the N word painted on it, I felt her pain. I believe it's important for Garnetta to know she's not alone. Racism and racist acts can not be tolerated. An indignity done to one is an indignity done to all.

I want to raise funds to help cover the costs to repaint Garnetta's car and show solidarity. Please join me in standing with Garnetta by making a donation.

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