Phineas Sanders Moving Fund

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Beneficiary: Phineas Sanders Organizer: Friends of Phineas via Project SNaP (a 501c3 Charity)

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It's been a 16 month battle fighting for the life of Phineas, the Sanders family's lovable furbaby, to prevent the City of Salem from following through on an execution order for something he didn't do, as proven in a court of law.  

During that time and continuing now, the family has received various threats of harm to their family as well as to Phineas if he were to be freed.  For that reason, when the court declared Phineas not guilty of the charges, he was unable to return home to them and instead, was sent to a safe house but that has not led to the end of or the seriousness of the situation.  The Sanders children are no longer comfortable going to school and often complain of being "sick" to avoid school. Salem MO has always been home to them but for the safety of their family and in order to live and enjoy their lives as they should be able to do, they are faced with the need to relocate if they are to ever give Phineas the home he deserves.  Sadly, being a young family with four small children, the situation is difficult, so we want to help.

We want to help them move Phineas to a happy place once again so this can actually be a happy ever after.  Please consider donating to do just that.

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