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Our house is gone.. Please help us move into our new home...

$1,500raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Lauren Carney & Jimmy Adams Beneficiary: Lauren Carney and Jimmy Adams

There was a terrible fire in our house. Everything is gone. Please help us with the security deposit to move into temporary housing. Thank you in advanced for your love and support.

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Hello, My name is Lauren Carney. It is so hard for me to ask this, but, we are in need of some money to get us into our temporary housing. The insurance company will pay for us to live for 1 year while out house is fixed and made livable, but unfortunately will not cover a security deposit. 

What happened? .... There was fire. A very bad fire. Jimmy left with the girls to drop Gianna off at preschool. He called me to let me know. I was on my lunch break at the time and told him that I would talk to him later. I hung up the phone, sat back in my seat in my car, closed my eyes and listened to the radio. Not a minute later, my friend called me. I answered the phone and she asked me for my address. Her husband is a firefighter. I told her my address, and she told me that my house.... was on fire. I hung up, called Jimmy told im to get home, our home is on fire. Hung up, called my mom, left a message, screaming. I drove home, from Marlton... The police called, and I told them our bunny was in the kitchen... I thought they would have saved her, they tried. The firefighters did their absolute best... but our bunny was gone... I got home in about 1 hour...  to a ruined house. My family was safe, but we lost everything. Everything.

It was a washer machine fire. That is what we think it was. Everything was black. Everything was ruined. Everything was .... just not our home anymore...

Why this happened to us? I have no idea. Why now? We just got married in September. Thank you notes from our wedding, our Christmas cards that we had printed, the wood prints that were made and Jimmy put on our well. The pride we had, how our house was becoming a home. How beautiful the Christmas tree looked this year, with presents wrapped around... The stocking hung, the fridge covered with Gianna and Toni's cartoons, and crayon doodles... Our memories, our life... I just can't explain to you how this hurts me to me core. I want it all back... I do... I want to lay in our bed, with our pillows, with our soft blue blanket... I want to tuck my girls in their own beds, turn their pillow pet lights on, kiss their foreheads and sing them a song.. I want them to run into our bedroom, jump on our bed, and beg for us to turn on cartoons... I want to hear their little feet running up and down the hallway, their little footprints on the hardwood floor... I want to hear our bunny kicking little out of the cage, and I want to hear Jimmy screaming for joy at the TV when the Bears are winning... My life wasn't perfect, but the life we made was everything I could have ever dreamed of, and more.

Moving forward, we need a place to stay. We need to rebuild. We need to start over. I hate starting over. In art school when we would forget to save a project and the computer would freeze, my professors used to say, "its always easier the second time around" because you know what you were doing, and because you have a plan. I wish we had a plan. I do. I wish we knew what was going on. I wish I knew where we would sleep tomorrow night.

We have a place lined up. But, we need a security deposit to move in. We are trying to get into a furnished apartment, the security is not covered by our insurance. But to live there for 1 year or more, will be covered. We need $3700... quickly. I hate asking for money, but it's so important to get a roof over my girls head, a permanent living arrangement. Their need a home back. They need to be stable, and be in one place. We can't keep having " slumber parties "...

So please help, please please PLEASE help. I promise to pay this forward, I promise...

-Lauren Carney (Adams)
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