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So this is my story if you wish to listen I feel kind of silly and embarrassed to ask my family and complete strangers for help, but that is exactly what I am doing. My fiancée and I and our 3 children Evan (11) Sam (7) and Marisa (4) are in a real tough spot in our lives. We moved to a small town about 6 years ago in hopes of making a better life for our children but it seams things have not worked out as well as we had hoped. We were hoping that Eric would be able to find full time employment here but him being in the construction business and being in a small town the work in minimal to say the least. So for the last 6 years we have been struggling just to stay afloat and we are slowly drowning. Our relationship has taken a major hit because of the tension of not knowing where or how we will get the next paycheck. And I don’t want to lose my family over money. Anyways I have stayed home with the children all their lives and my Daughter will start school next September so that leaves me open to fined some part time work without having to worry about babysitters or daycare. And Eric brings home the majority of the money. If I were to find work now it still would not be enough to cover our cost of living what I would make in 2 weeks Eric could make in 1 easily. And I also haven’t found work because Eric’s schedule is never really set so he may get a call for work tomorrow and if I were to be working that same day it would be difficult to organize a babysitter. Anyways my whole goal is to move out of this town and go somewhere larger where there is more work for Eric to do. And once Marisa is in school I will be able to find something to. But we need help. We are living very minimally right now and that’s how it’s been for along time. Once bills are paid and food is bought we have nothing left to put aside for a move. I know this is a long shot but right now I am willing to do anything. One day I hope to be able to pay it forward and help someone else who may be in need. Thank you for listening to my story. Sincerely Erin
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