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Elizabeth and Ryan Lovett, parents to: Aletheia, Ambrose, Petra and Virgil, need your love and support. Lizz has been diagnosed with Metastatic Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma. She needs our help to undergo treatment.

Lizz, consistently strong and determined, has asked specifically for the intercession of our beloved late Pope John Paul II. After her surgery, amidst her immense pain, she asked her husband Ryan to give her flowers to another patient, who didn’t have any. Her husband had this to say: “It is beautiful for me to see Lizz's simple faith and charity, as she struggles through some real physical pain. We all know Lizz is unusually strong. Her resiliency and faith - and I tell you, her hope - are strong. We have already trusted our past to his mercy. Now, we are learning to actually trust our future to his providence. As a result, we have today a deeper peace than we have known before.”

They are young. They are Christian. And they are so awesome and fun! We love them! Please support them in whatever way you can.

We will be praying a novena (a simple 9-day prayer for a specific intention), starting on Good Friday, April 18th, and ending, here in the Americas, on April 26th, the vigil of John Paul II’s canonization. Below is the prayer.

On behalf of Lizz and Ryan, thank you!


Novena to Blessed Pope John Paul II for the Lovett Family
Inspired by a Friend

April 18- April 26

Dear, Beloved Father Pope John Paul II, did you not invoke Padre Pio’s help when your dear friend was sick? You did. And so now we invoke your help, asking you to intercede for Elizabeth Lovett. You know you can answer. Remember your fatherly heart. You loved us greatly while on earth. Do you not love us more now that you are in heaven? You do. So hear our plea and heal Lizz completely. May she and all her family be filled with the strength of Christ; be called by His love; and, be guided by His word. We love you. Amen.


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