Loving family devastated by fire needs your help!

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Beneficiary: The Daniel Family Organizer: Friends and family of Liz and Derek Daniel

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In the middle of the afternoon on August 7th the Daniel family was relaxing on one of the last few days of the summer break. Dad, Derek, was in the backyard with the family dogs, while Derek Jr. (11 years old) was in the livingroom reading. Mom, Liz was napping as their youngest, Drew (6 years old) was playing videogames in her room.

The family was not the first to notice the fire. A neighbor happened to be passing by when he saw the smoke and flames coming from the far end of the house. He ran from his car to get Liz and the boys out of the house. 

As the family stood outside waiting for the fire crews to arrive they knew there was nothing they could do. The fire had already spread to the roof and they did not want to risk going back in for fear that it would collapse. The fire took 2 hours to burn out even with firefighters battling it from the windows. 

Liz and Derek are very grateful that their family and pets are safe and unharmed. Liz said that if anything, she is grateful that it happend at 3pm rather than 3am because the fire started in Drews room and she does not want to even think about how they would have made it if everyone had been sleeping at the time. They are thankful for their wonderful and caring neighbors and firemen who saved them. 

Unfortunately, the idea of insurance in a rental that they only intended to stay in until they had saved up enough money to buy their first house had not crossed their minds.

Almost all of their belongings including all of their clothing, furniture, and personal items have been lost. many friends and neighbors have expressed interest in helping this wonderful family and we are all grateful to them. Any little bit helps, so if you can donate something (even good thoughts and prayer) we thank you!

-The family and friends of Liz and Derek Daniel

Liz & Derek

The Daniel Family
Derek Jr. & Drew

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Living Room
Drew's Room
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