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Lost it all in just minutes!

$6,530raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Stephanie Weeks Beneficiary: Rusty Hill & Wileen Austin

Reaching out and helping a family who lost it all due to a fire. No donation amount is too small. Wileen, Rusty and myself greatly appreciate your help!

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On March 28, 2014 at 4:18pm, the Brewster county Sheriff's office received a 911 call regarding a house fire. When APD and BCSO arrived the east side of the home was fully engulfed in flames. Wileen and Rusty were able to get out of of the house with Mr. Hill suffering from burns as he rescued his Auntie and was transported to the hospital. He is stable and resting in the hosptal at this time.
Wileen and Rusty has lost everything due to this fire, so we are asking for your help so they are able to pay medical bills and have funds to start the next chapter of their lives. 
Being in such a small community we are limited on resources, we will be hosting a bake sale on Sunday March 30, in the honor of Wileen Austin and Rusty Hill and all proceeds will go to them. The homeowners insurance was somehow cancelled back in 2009 so every penny will count! Please help the family get their life back to somewhat normal as they have gone through such a tragedy. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Stephanie Weeks
The Alpine Community

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by Stephanie Weeks
I just wanted to send my deepest heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated money, material, or time, to us. The support of friends family and others has been overwhelming, we are truly blessed.

                                                   Rusty Hill
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by Stephanie Weeks
I spoke with the nurse in ICU and Rusty is doing very well. They will be placing him in a regular room later this morning! Prayers are amazing! The support you have shown this family is beyond words and I want to thank you each of you for all that you have done! I will update later today after I go see the family!
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by Stephanie Weeks
I just spoke to the nurse and Mr. Hill is currently resting. I will get to meet Mr. Hill and his family in the morning and share the amazing news with them! Thank you all for the amazing donations and prayers. I will update again tomorrow!
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