Long Live the Glen Haven General Store Cinnamon Rolls!

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Beneficiary: Glen Haven General Store Organizer: Family of Steve and Becky Childs

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UPDATE! 5/6/14

Newly posted photos of the progress being made on the Glen Haven General Store rebuild. So much thats happened you cant even see - new foundations, new plumbing, new footers - bringing down the Town Hall that was resting up side - and then there are the updates you can see, new floors, new ceiling, new walls, new walk in cooler, new ice cream cooler!! All very exciting but still a long way to go - new deli cases, new mixers for Becky's baking and replacement of all the merchandise that makes the store the wonderful place it is! Please continue to share the link with everyone -- so they can see what their donations have accomplished and in hopes that our friends, family and supporters will keep donating.

Our heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you!

 by Organizer Family of Steve and Becky Childs

Good news! After 3 months of mystery we received a letter of determination from the Larimer County Engineering Department stating that their estimation of damage as compared to the assessed value of the building was 46.4%.  This means that we will be able to repair the General Store as soon as we secure the necessary permits.  Had the damage been 50% or greater we would not have been able to proceed with repairs and would have had to demolish the building.  

Our hope is to have the store open for business by spring 2014.  There is much work to complete before that can happen and your donations will help make it possible for us to accomplish our goal.   Thank you!

The Glen Haven General Store has been a part of the Rocky Mountain landscape for over 100 years.  33 years ago, Steve and Becky Childs became the proprietors of this old-fashioned store, baking homemade goods like their famous cinnamon rolls, delicious breads, cobblers and cookies, offering 25 Cent coffee, beautiful quilts, groceries, post cards, trinkets to all who passed by on their weekend scenic drives to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park or to the local community who reside in Glen Haven. Steve and Becky have been leaders in their community whether its volunteering as an EMT, Fire Chief, firefighter with the EMS/Fire Department, leading town gatherings or fighting for Glen Haven's identity and own zip code a few years past.

In September 2013, the beautiful town of Glen Haven was decimated by flooding. Many of the local business were washed away along with the roads, but at the end of the storms.. The Glen Haven General Store still stood. Please watch the video of what was left behind. It still stands but has substantial damage to all of the interior, as well as massive loss of inventory, equipment and land. Steve and Becky stayed behind in their beloved little town after the flood to help other residents evacuate and the community build footbridges, providing access back to civilization for their neighbors and TO their cabins to assess damage.

This is not the first time the General Store has withstood a disaster. As a matter of fact the store survived the 1976 Big Thompson flood and was rebuilt (by Steve, Becky and the Norris family) to grow into a treasured piece of Glen Haven. This also happens to be how Steve and Becky met!!

Rebuilding the Glen Haven General Store this time, is important not only to us but to the community.  It's the center of town and residents identify with it.  It’s a focal point for campers new and old from the Cheley camps, summer visitors and passersby along County Road 43. Many have grown up with the Glen Haven General Store and are now bringing their children in for cinnamon rolls.   

Please help us repair and rebuild this iconic symbol of the Glen Haven community. Donate today!

If you prefer to send a check, please send it to:
the Glen Haven General Store Fund
In Care of Kim Childs
Kennedy Childs PC
248 Cottonwood Street, 
Delta, CO 81416 

Thank you!

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