Honouring Meesha, Helping Ruby

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This is a special welcome to those of you who attended Ruby Rae's Rawk n Swap in Nanaimo.  My name is Bryan Young and I am a long time friend of Meesha, and her brother Brett.  We met way back in the 1970s in Mission, BC when Mikey as we called her then was merely in grade 7, getting on close to the age that Ruby is now.  We lost a very special spirit when Meesha was killed in February.  While Ruby is her own budding young person, it is clear that some of that spirit is there shining brightly in her.  

I want you to know that the donation or purchase you made at the event is part of hundreds of such gifts that hundreds have made since Meesha died and a group of us set up this site and fundraising effort to provide Ruby with the net she will need to flourish in this world.  The truism "it takes a village to raise a child" is exemplified by the life-affirming acts of so many of you that would turn the deepest cynic into a believer.  

So, on behalf of Brett, Ruby, Ruby's Dad, I thank you deeply.  What you have done matters.  

Bryan Young


On February 13, 2014, Meesha's life was tragically cut short, while she was saving the life of her dog, Sailor.  Many people from many different circles were touched by Meesha, as she was the ultimate care-giver.  People knew her because of her work caring for people in residential care, or because of her work caring for dogs (and their people) through her doggy b+b and dog walking business.  It was impossible to know Meesha without knowing her love for her daughter, Ruby.  As a single-mom, Meesha was a strong and wise role model for her amazing daughter.  Please help us honour Meesha by donating to this trust fund, to be used for Ruby's education.  
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