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Honouring Meesha, Helping Ruby

$34,155raised of $50,000 goal

Organizer: Brett Grubisic Beneficiary: Ruby

Meesha died while saving the life of her dog. She leaves behind many loved ones, including an almost-12-year-old daughter. Please contribute so Ruby has the education her mom would have wanted.

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We were so surprised and grateful to see the article by Vidya Kauri on Meesha in Maclean's (March 24th issue).  Thank you so much Vidya for honouring Meesha's memory!  

We are also incredibly grateful to the many friends, family, and colleagues who came to her wonderful memorial at St. Ann's Academy on Saturday, March 15th.  Such lovely words, and such lovely songs!  All the while, Ruby sat with her Dad Andrew in the front row showing such presence and poise.  A truly amazing person Meesha has left us!  

Welcome to those of you who might be new to Meesha's story.  We are raising funds to help secure Ruby's future.  We are just over half way to our goal.  To get to know what we have lost, and the promise that Ruby's life holds, please take a look at the pictures here, and the updates we have drafted.  

With deep gratitude,
Bryan Young, Finn Canadensis and Kimanda Jarzebiak (three friends managing this fundraising effort on behalf of Ruby).  


On February 13, 2014, Meesha's life was tragically cut short, while she was saving the life of her dog, Sailor.  Many people from many different circles were touched by Meesha, as she was the ultimate care-giver.  People knew her because of her work caring for people in residential care, or because of her work caring for dogs (and their people) through her doggy b+b and dog walking business.  It was impossible to know Meesha without knowing her love for her daughter, Ruby.  As a single-mom, Meesha was a strong and wise role model for her amazing daughter.  Please help us honour Meesha by donating to this trust fund, to be used for Ruby's education.  
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by Brett Grubisic
Two great fundraisers for Ruby in honour of Meesha. The first is TONIGHT: 

Raising for Ruby, Sunday, April 13, Loghouse Pub, 2323 Millstream Road, Victoria. 6-9 pm.  Amazingly generous donations to the silent auction. Head on down for burgers and beer and music. Make it noisy! 

Ruby Rae's Rawk 'n' Swap, Saturday May 24, 8 pm. Lots of great silent auction items and fun music planned. In Nanaimo.  Contact Adrienne Mercer for details:  

It is two months today that Meesha left us.  It's been a sad time, leavened only by the amazing love and support all of you have shown.  

Heartfelt thanks to all of us amazing community builders!  
Bryan Young

by Brett Grubisic
Memorial Service and Giving of Thanks

What a gift it has been for me to experience the resonance people have felt in their kind messages and donations over the past several weeks!  

From individuals who were just simply touched, to groups of letter carriers who pooled money together, to kids and their parents coming together with a donation from their soccer team.  Your generosity has been very healing for us!  So, thank you very very much!  I am sorry that we haven't been able to keep us with the flow of donations, but please accept this update as our humble thanks on behalf of Meesha, Ruby, and her family and close friends who have been left behind with this empty space in our lives.  

There will be a memorial service for Meesha Chan Grubisic at St. Ann's Academy on Saturday, March 15th.   Doors will open at 1:30 pm and the service will begin promptly at 2 pm.  A reception for close friends and family will follow.  

With deep gratitude, 
Bryan, Kimanda, Finn and Brett

Here is the Facebook link to the event:

by Brett Grubisic
Brett, Meesha's brother wrote a lovely obituary for Meesha that came out today.  Please keep sharing these posts with others.  Blessings, and profound gratitude....

Meesha-Chan Grubisic (1966 - 2014)

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<img src="" alt="" align="LEFT" hspace="10" vspace="4">
Meesha-Chan Grubisic, the third child of the Grubisics, Joe and Muriel (née Littley), died suddenly on February 13, 2014. Born September 10, 1966 in Rossland, she resided in Prince George, Boston Bar, Hatzic Island, Mission, Vernon, Jasper, Vancouver, and Tokyo before settling in Victoria. Survived by sister Terri and brother Brett Josef and present still in daughter Ruby Rae. Loved deeply by her community of family and friendshuman, canine and feline. Vintage collectibles, strong coffee, warm bread, and hiking trails will forever remind us of her bewitching uniqueness. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that donations be made to Honouring Meesha, Helping Ruby at Commemorative Gathering on March 15, 2014 at St. Ann's Auditorium in Victoria. Doors will open at 1:30; proceedings begin promptly at 2:00. Reception to follow.
Published in The Times Colonist on Mar. 2, 2014

by Brett Grubisic
Meesha would be thanking you for your generosity...I know she would be. 

But just so that it is clear, Kimanda, Finn, Brett and I want to thank you very much for your tremendous generosity!  We have raised almost $20,000 so far for lovely Ruby. 
One of Meesha's dear friends posted a picture of the house in the snow you BC folk had this week.  It was taken after the busy garage sales of the weekend where there was a lot of laughter, hubbub and, of course, tears.  It was taken after everyone had left, after the silence started to settle like snow falling on a cold windless night.  An awkward silence where you start to be with the bigness of what we have lost with Meesha's sudden, horrible death.  It reminds me of a certain Emily Dickinson poem about the bustle that accompanies death, which I will leave you with below. 
At any rate, we have all been touched in this, and reminded of the preciousness of life.  Don't lose that, friends.  It's all we have.  But in that 'it' there has been so much love -- the only consolation there can be when someone you know has been torn from you. 
I know Ruby has a tremendous community of care around her.  From her teachers, and pals, to family, Meesha's friends, clients and neighbours.  All there in a supportive web to help her as much as we can in the journey of healing she will go through. 
As you have been touched by Meesha's death, and the plight of dear Ruby, I want to encourage you to pass this story on to your friends, and encourage them to help. 
Here's the link to the site we are using to raise funds for Ruby's future:
And here's the Emily Dickinson poem....  Blessings and thanks to all of you.
The bustle in a house 
The morning after death
Is the solemnest of industries
Enacted upon earth,--

The sweeping up the heart,
And putting love away
We shall not want to use again
Until eternity.


Sincerely, Bryan Young

by Brett Grubisic
On behalf of Meesha's brother Brett, Ruby's dad Andrew, and dear Ruby, thank you so very much for your wonderful donations! In just three days, you have collectively contributed almost $10,000 to help Ruby out in her big life ahead without her mom.
It's been a really tough week for so many of us -- so many of *us*.  There's such a strong feeling of a 'we' here -- a community of people who really do care and it has moved me deeply. 
At the public estate sale today which saw so many people come by, a man came in to the house, and asked who he should write a cheque out to.  He said he'd lost his mother too.  Meesha's friend Danni thanked the man, who turned and walked out of the house.  Danni looked down and saw that the cheque was for $1000.  He didn't even know Meesha, but what happened to Meesha had connected with him deeply.  It's just one example of a wonderful web of love that has radiated outwards since Meesha shockingly left us 9 days ago. 
It's just like the sign says, the one on Meesha's Facebook page which she made into her profile picture -- a STOP sign that someone scrawled "don't" and "loving" so that it reads "don't STOP loving."  We are listening to her now, because that is what we are all doing in this giving and receiving.  It's just love making the rounds, and in the midst of all this sorrow, there's this jaw-dropping beauty of love circulating freely.
At the friends and family Ruby-licious sale last night -- its poster lovingly designed by the ever-creative and giving Finn Canadensis -- brought in $1200.  All that lovely diner ware, plaster fruit, and just plain funky stuff spreading out into the galaxy like so much stardust. 
With deep gratitude, 
Bryan Young

PS: If you have not already, may I ask you to tell your friends about the campaign to help Ruby out in the shadow of her mom's too sudden departure?  Just pass on this link:  You can also click on the Facebook icon on the fundraising page and "LIKE" the campaign.

by Brett Grubisic
Dear Friends of Our Lovely Meesha: 
Last Christmas, Finn was busy designing the logo with Meesha for her business,  Let's Go Luckydog, and Bryan gave her a little present by paying for the decals that adorn her truck.  She was so thrilled and proud!  Check out the picture of her and Ruby by the truck in the Gallery of the youcaring site.  

This kind of familial caring that you just don't give a second thought to has been so much in evidence over the past 36 hours.  

Friends, you really rock.  So far about 45 people and families have donated about $5500 -- 11% to our goal of $50K to help Ruby on the road ahead, with her life, with her education.  We know we've got a whole bunch more folks who are following along on Facebook, so if you could find it in your hearts, and abilities, to lend little Ruby a hand, she would benefit hugely. 

And for those of you who have given -- financially or in all that sweat packing up Meesha's house! -- please "like" the fundraising site and let your friends know so that we can broaden this circle of care to create greater resilience and security for Ruby in the days, months and years to come.  

Know that it feels a bit weird to be so directly soliciting funds for Ruby from people we do and don't know.  But we want you to know it is truly out of love, and out of a desire to help cushion this blow somehow for Ruby.  Frankly, we think it also brings a lot of joy amidst this sadness to all of those who loved Meesha to know that people care, no matter how bad the world might seem sometimes.  

With love, and tremendous gratitiude.
Bryan, Kimanda and Finn

by Brett Grubisic
Dear Lovely Friends and Family of Our Beautiful Meesha:

My name is Bryan Young, and I am working with Kimanda Jarzebiak and Finn Canadensis to manage this fundraising effort in collaboration with Meesha's brother Brett, and on behalf of our dear little Ruby, Meesha's super smart and creative daughter. 

I have been friends with Meesha since she was in Grade 7 and I was in Grade 10. I think the first thing we did together was make 'designer jams' together up at Brett and Meesha's house (perhaps also a sign of where Brett and I were heading in life). The jam was awful, but that was the beginning of a familial friendship that had been strong right up to the day Meesha died. 

I just got off the phone with Brett. He has been overwhelmed by the loving support of Meesha's friends both near and far. From the trucks that have shown up to haul stuff away, to the dog walks with Ruby, to the sorting of collectibles at Meesha's, to the offers to help from across the continent and indeed from across the pond -- it's been one of those things that affirms the beauty of humanity in the face of this awful tragedy. 

It took us a few days, but I wanted to let you know that the donation site is now LIVE! 

Now, we are asking you for your financial support. We need to come together as a village to help Ruby as much as we can to help ensure a bright future for her -- one that Meesha and her dad Andrew have been doing their utmost to provide. 

Our intention is set up a fund for Ruby that is divided in two. Pending the outcome of a legal process with ICBC and the estate, some money will be administered by Brett to help Ruby with ongoing needs now. The other part of the fund will be set aside in a separate trust administered externally to provide for Ruby's future. 

May I ask that we come together now to help Ruby?

Nothing can replace the loss we are all feeling right now, and nothing we do can replace Ruby's mom. But we can form a circle of care around her that is full of love and the material support she is going to need to have a rich, stable life that gives her the best shot possible of realizing the amazing potential we all know she has. 

We all had lots of dreams as kids, and Ruby is no exception. Inspired by Meesha's amazing care for animals, Ruby has been talking about wanting to open a wolf sanctuary when she gets older. Kids dreams change, but can we help her get where she will want to go, whatever her dreams may be? 

I have donated $500 as a start, and ask you to consider giving whatever you can. 

Sincerely, and with love,
Bryan Young

by Brett Grubisic
Hi everyone.  We're just waiting for the paypal account to be activated.  We'll post an update here when it is - thank you for your love and support.





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