Help my Mom and Step-Dad bounce back from a house fire.

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Beneficiary: Anthony Hunnicutt and Barbara Harty-Hunnicutt Organizer: Naomi and Ruth

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My Mom said she stared in disbelief as four fire trucks pulled up to their home to put a fire out. She said she stated "please no" to herself. She couldn't believe this was happening. The firefighters were able to put the fire out and save their house and cat, however, there was so much damage left behind and to their dismay, they found out their home insurance had lapsed so the extremely high costs to fix their home is now their responsibility. They are stunned, shaken and sick to their stomachs. We are so thankful everyone is safe, however, they have a long road ahead of them.
My mom has struggled with physical ailments and therefore has been on disability for quite awhile. She has many medical bills in which they are still trying to pay off. Thus, making this a more stressful situation for them. My Mom, however, has always been the person to help others, without question or judgement. A few months ago she started giving rides various places, to an elderly neighbor, who rarely comes out of her house. This woman's son later came up to my mom and said "you have changed my mom and are bringing her out of her shell". When my Grandpa passed away and my Grandma hurt her shoulder after a fall the day before the funeral, my mom went over to my Grandma's house to help her shower and get ready for the funeral. This is her past husbands (my Dads) mother, whom my Mom has befriended since the divorce. My Mom is always there to watch her grand-children, when needed, and is the first person many of her friends call on when in need of an ear or shoulder. She is a giving, kind, self-less and thoughtful person. A class act.
Tony has worked hard to support my Mom through the many, many surgeries and medical turmoil she has been through. He openly excepted my mothers three girls into his life and is now a super Grandpa to our children. A class act.
Mom and Tony are now displaced from their home until Christmas time. There is that much work that needs to be done in their home. 
It's time they are given back the support and love they have given to others.
PLEASE give anything you are able to. Do your good deed for the day and lets help lower their stress and get them back on their feet!

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