Help Grandmother with Cancer

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Beneficiary: Grandmother with Cancer, Joan D Perry Organizer: Arthur Jackson Jr

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Mrs Joan D Perry is a widow and grandmother suffering from cancer in need of our help. She had to make a choice over the past few months to pay for medicine and food or pay rent and utilities. For many years Mrs Perry has been a community activist helping others in need. One year during the holiday season a large family n Seat Pleasant Md lost their children and several adults in a massive fire. Mrs. Perry organized the community and collected food, clothing and a new home for the family. She has always put others first, over her own needs.
Today, she is suffering from cancer, and may be homeless, if we can't raise the funds she needs to pay for past rent. She has two daughters, bother are being treated for chronic disease. And she had a son who was in the US Army, and was killed in an auto acident in Petersburg VA. She is a warm, loving grandmother with a grandson who is disabled.

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