Hainesville, IL House Fire - Racho Family Rebuild Fund

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Beneficiary: Eric & Lieka Racho & Kids Organizer: Family & Friends

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Around 4 am on the night of October 25th, 2013, a car out of control ran into the town home of Eric & Lieka Racho.  Eric was at work during that time, while Lieka was at home with their three young children.  Lieka awoke to the screeching of the brakes and felt the impact of the car on their home.  She called 911 and when she went downstairs saw the front door pushed in by a vehicle and the garage filled with smoke.  The 911 operator instructed her to get her and her kids out of the house right away.  She did so and were taken in by a neighbor in the townhome building behind them as she continued talking with 911 and watched their home, vehicle and all their belongings get engulfed in flames. Fortunately, they are all physically ok.


The family has experienced some difficult times.  In 2011, Eric was one of the employees that was held hostage during the Round Lake Home Depot robery, and more recently, he had just been discharged from the hospital weeks prior to the fire. 

Lieka and the kids barely made it out of the house with just the pajamas they were wearing, and the familly doesn't have insurance to cover their personal belongings. 

The family is devastated that they have no "home" to come home to but also knowing they could never replace a lifetimes worth of memories, photos and videos. But we can at least help them replace life's basic needs.
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