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Goheen Family Fund

$4,096raised of $20,000 goal

Organizer: Debbie Goheen Beneficiary: Jim and Debbie Goheen

This site is set up to help the Goheen family with medical, funeral and other expenses after the tragic loss of their twins, Janeah and Janesah.

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On October 31st, Janeah and Janseah Goheen were in a tragic car accident that took both of their lives. Janeah passed awawy at the scene, and Janesah passed away at Harborview Medical Center on November 11th from brain injuries sustained in the accident, as well as a stroke. This site is set up to help assist the family with the financial obstacles that they are now facing. Any amount is helpful and incredibly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a note to the family on here as well. Thank you to everyone who has already been such a huge support to the family! We are so blessed and encouraged by each and every one of you.
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