Fire Has Taken Their Furrkids and NearlyEvery Material Item!

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Organizer: Kim Plummer & Jecica Boyd Beneficiary: Bob, Tommie & Shania Chambers, Rocky Ford, CO

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This family, Bob & Tommie Chambers and their teenaged daughter, Shania, came home last night to find their house being destroyed by fire.  Their beloved 5 dogs were trapped inside and perished in the fire.  Besides the unimaginable heartbreak of losing those furrkids, they have also lost nearly everything they owned.  They did not have insurance.  They will need help with everything, including funds of course.  

Many of you may know Bob & Tommie.  She is the Shelter Manager at the LaJunta Shelter, LaJunta, CO, and Bob does so much volunteer work for the shelter helping the dogs. They both have a HUGE heart for the animals, and had saved so, so many.  

Please consider giving what you can to help this family recover from this devastating loss. They are currently staying in a hotel. The word is that they need virtually everything; clothes, personal care items, and anything you can give to help them rebuild their lives.

Any donations will be send directly to the Chambers family.


by Kim Plummer & Jecica Boyd

I know it has been a while since I've posted an update, and for that I am very sorry. We still have the dogs at the shelter to take care of, and we recently received 3 special needs cases at the same time! All three have been taken care of and sent to rescue or adopted.

Bob & Tommie asked me to express their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported them. They were overwhelmed with the outpouring of support by people near and far. Everyone's prayers, support and kind words have been a source of strength during this time of grieving and despair.

The family has moved into a new rental home (with renters insurance in place!) and are starting to put the pieces back together. Working at the shelter has been especially hard with the loss of their beloved family pets, but as is their nature, they put the needs of the animals in their care first and have balanced their grief with the need to do what is best for the dogs entrusted into their care. This was very evident when, as mentioned above, three petrified dogs were brought into the shelter. These dogs were plastered against the back of the kennels, too scared to even use the bathroom, yet Tommie worked with them every day to overcome their fears, and by the end of week 1 they were allowing her to pet them, by week 2 they were demanding she pet them, and even playing ball out in the yard!

This is what this family is about, giving back when they don’t think they have anything left to give. This is why I will never understand why they had to suffer this tragedy, but I know in my heart that they, with all of your help, will come out of this stronger than before. They are an inspiration to me every day.

So from the very bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you for supporting Bob & Tommie, and reminding them that their impact reaches far beyond the small shelter and town they call home.

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