Dish some back to Mamma Casserole!

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Beneficiary: Michelle “Mamma Casserole” Smith and The Comet Tavern staff! Organizer: Anonymous

This fundraiser is closed
The owner of one of the few remaining great venues in Seattle, The Comet Tavern, abruptly closed the venue recently and in the process SHAT all over everyone who has ever loved this place! On top of that, this guy financially screwed over the one and only Mamma Casserole! If you know anything about this place or have been in a band that has played here, you know how much of this place was made possible by Michelle “Mamma Casserole” Smith.

Q. How did the owner screw her over financially?
A. "Her checks began bouncing, she says, and when she was offered money from the till, there was nothing there, either. “He essentially owes me $8000 in back wages,” Smith says."
- Seattle Weekly article by Gwendolyn Elliott

Update on Wednesday, October 16, 2013:
A quick THANK YOU to all supporters thus far! As the anonymous creator of this fundraiser, I wanted to add some further information I came across yesterday on The Comet Tavern Facebook page:

"All $$$ will go to supporting the Seattle music scene and Comet employees who have no source of income and no ability to collect unemployment."

Ok everyone, that's all I got for now, thanks again for your support!


Please help give back! 
*This was created 100% voluntarily by someone who wants nothing more than to see Mamma Casserole get something back in return for her many years of hard work that helped create one of the best venues in Seattle! My only hope is that we collect something that goes back into making what was once an awesome venue/scene/collective thrive again!

More info on the closing:
Seattle Weekly
The Stranger
Capitol Hill Blog
The Seattle Times music blog
The Comet Tavern Facebook



Minus the Bear:

Helms Alee:


Brothers of the Sonic Cloth:


Diminished Men:

This Blinding Light:

Dog Shredder:

...... and sooo many more amazing bands!
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