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Beneficiary: The Dalecki Family Organizer: Friends of the Dalecki Family

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On February 4th, our dear friends, the Dalecki Family, lost their home, cars, and personal belongings to a fire that ravaged their house in the middle of the night. Although we are extremely grateful that no one was injured, Mr. and Mrs. Dalecki are currently homeless and have lost a lifetime of memories. At this time, they are wearing clothes borrowed from friends. The Dalecki Family has lived in Wading River for over thirty years and have contributed to our town in countless ways by being dedicated to local education, influencing us through art, and by volunteering with a local church. This website is being created to support a family through their time of need because they have done so much to support us. We are asking for any size donation so that the Dalecki Family can begin to rebuild their lives. We thank you in advance for your generosity.
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