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Couple Loses Everything in House Fire

$1,453raised of $1,000 goal

Organizer: Nikki McGraw Beneficiary: Terra Laurie and Mark Fiscus

This fundraiser is for a couple who has lost everything they own in an unpredictable fire.

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On June 1st, Terra and Mark came home to the smell of smoke. Using their instincts, they immediately called 911. They were fortunate enough to get their animals out in time, but watched as their home burned to the ground and lost everything.

If you are friends with Terra and Mark, you already know they would help out anyone in need, anytime, any place. 

Please support this cause to help this couple get back on their feet. They have lost everything in the fire, from clothes, to furniture, to sentimental items that cannot be replaced. They will be grateful for anything.

Thank you!

Here is the news video:
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by Nikki McGraw
I just want to thank everyone for their support! When creating this fundraiser I never imagined to have raised over $1,000 for Terra and Mark in less than 2 days! 

Terra and Mark are so thankful for all of the support you guys have shown them   this past week. 
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