Bill O'Hara & Kris Anderson - Fire Recovery

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Organizer: Lake Shawnee Neighbors and Friends Beneficiary: Bill O'Hara & Kris Anderson

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All proceeds from this fundraiser will be provided to Bill O'Hara and Kris Anderson to assist in their recovery needs.

Bill and Kris lost their beloved cat, Timbits in the blaze. Thankfully, Bill and Kris were not home and thus uninjured.  Fortunately, their two dogs and iguana, Liggy were saved. Although the house itself can be repaired, they have lost almost everything they own due to the fire, smoke, and water damage. The house was deemed uninhabitable and they have to replace almost everything. 

Articles on the fire:

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Photo Credit: Louis C. Hochman/


by Lake Shawnee Neighbors and Friends
Thank you all for your generous contributions and words of encouragement.  I have met with Bill and Kris twice and presented them with all contributions to date.  Bill and Kris are amazed at the support and are humbled.  It has been a huge life changing event, and with our support, it is helping to make it just a little bit better, especially with Christmas being tomorrow.  Merry Christmas to all and have a fabulous New Year.  For those that do not celebrate, Happy Holidays! :)
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