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A little family in need of some provision!

$1,480raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Mommy Beneficiary: A VERY grateful single mother and son!

Since moving to TX this single mother with a 3 y/o son has started college again, but gets no child support and only has a student loan to live on. Please consider helping them until things look up!

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This is very hard for me to do - to ask for help. Especially in a super public way, but the consensus among my friends is that if you need something you might as well just ask!

I'm a single mom... My son & I moved across four states in May 2012, to start life anew in a little city outside Houston, TX.  It's been harder than I thought!  I am working 6-7 hours a week between 2 part-time jobs, and I am almost finished with my college program for Medical Transcription editing, which I eventually hope to be able to do from home.  I finish this month, August, and then have to prep for the Final Program Exam.

I'm a little embarrassed to be putting this out there for people to see/read, I just don't know how else to ask for help. It's very difficult for me to ASK when we need something!

I was on unemployment from California when we moved to Texas, but then my unemployment ran out and I've been unable to find work. I have put in well over 100 applications and resumes since we moved here, but so far, to no avail.  I have been able to get student loans to get us this far, but as my school is ending, I have no more loans, AND the balances will soon have to be paid on.

We were incredibly blessed by some friends, who took us into their home when I could no longer afford the rent at the little duplex we had. But, a couple months ago that situation ended, which, in an instant, piled on rent, utilities, internet (for school), and cel phone bills that had been covered before.

I was able to find a little apartment for my son and I, but in addition to those household expenses, I also still have a car payment, and insurance, gas for the car... and a bunch of debt that I've gotten since living on credit here. If I could pay down the debt and/or m y car (it's onbly a year from payoff!), I would have a much easier time with handling the monthly things.

I've sold nearly everything I have that's worth anything, and I have some more stuff listed on eBay and stuff, but... the stuff I have isn't (apparently) really anything people want. :(  This 'fundraiser' was another way I thought of that could possibly help us.

I'm hopeful that once I pass my exam I'll be able to find a job doing Transcription Editing before the end of the year, but that's uncertain, and as it is, I only have the funds to get us through one more month. As of October 1st we will not have rent or anything. Also, as my son is now 6 and starting back to school, getting him his supplies and uniforms has been more of an expense than I'd have liked.

We pray every night, thanking God for providing for us and asking Him to continue providing the things that we need. I have been doing what I can, it just hasn't been enough.

I'm just being super real and open here, even though it's embarrassing..

To anyone who donates, and to all those who HAVE donated to help us get through these struggle-y times, THANK YOU so much. Y'all have been angels, and I am more grateful than I can tell ever tell you. I hope I'm able to bless someone, someday, the way we have been blessed.

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by Mommy
Praise the Lord we made it through November. I am still looking for work and still have a few things on Craigslist. I thought with Christmas coming, maybe people would want to buy some of them as gifts (there are good little girl gifts here) but so far no luck. I am very discouraged lately, and praying for God to show me what the deal is because I sure can't see where this is going. Thank y'all who are keeping us in your prayers, they are very appreciated!
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