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No fundraiser has ever been charged for using YouCaring. Ever.

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How Does YouCaring Make Money If It's Always Free for Everyone?

We are supported by thousands of contributors from all over the world who have a heart to help people in the middle of challenging life situations. We are incredibly thankful to our donors for allowing us to continue to help thousands of people everyday.

Other Fundraising Websites - They're "Free" Until You Raise Money

Other fundraising websites say they are free to try, which usually means you can start a fundraiser, but the moment you recieve donations it is no longer free. These websites typically charge 5% - 10%, in addition to credit card charges. We have helped fundraisers raise over $162,883,482 saving them at least $8,144,174 in website fees.

Credit Card Processing Fees

When registering your fundraiser at YouCaring you will have the option to choose between two credit card processors - PayPal or Wepay. Each of these processors charge a very similar processing fee, typically 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction. Each accepts all major credit cards and even checks. For more information on credit card fees, please check out the PayPal and WePay fee tables.