Which Fundraising Site Has The Lowest Fees?

by JesseW 1. April 2013 08:15
fundraising site fees

When choosing a site to host your online fundraiser there are many different options. In this post we want to break down the pricing and fees of the top online fundraising sites, to help you make the best decision. Most online sites have a few different fees, including a site use fee, a processing fee, and a credit-card fee or third party fee. Here is the break down. 



Site Fee - $0 (the website is supported by donors)

Third-party PayPal or Wepay fee - 2.9% + $ .30 each transaction

Paypal (or bank balance) to Paypal - 0%

Non-Profits - as low as 2.2% - based on volume


Site Fee - 7% of total donations

This single site fee covers all processing, credit card fees, and third-party charges. 


Site Fee - 9.0% on funds raised. 

If the goal is met, Indiegogo will give back 5% lowering the fee to just 4%.

Third-Party Fee - 3% Credit card fee and a fee of $25 for Non-US wire transfers.

Non-Profits - Receive 25% off of the regular fees. 



Site Fee - 4% commission fee if goal is reached. 8% commission fee if goal is not reached.

Third Party Credit Fee - 4%



Site Fee - 4.9% on all donations.



Personal Fundraising Site Fee - 4.9%

Third-Party Fee - 3%


Small Business Site Fee - 3.9%

Third-Party Fee - 3%


Large Business Site Fee- 2.9%

Third-Party Fee - 3%



Site Fee-4.9% on all transactions

Processing Fee - A processing free of 10% is applied when applicable.


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