Fundraiser Success Stories: Helping Myles

by The YouCaring Team 14. April 2014 03:41
I'm 100% happy with my experience with the website and there is no way I could have raised the $8,500 for my surgery without YouCaring! This surgery has completely changed my life and I'll be forever grateful to my donors and to the website that allowed them to directly support me. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: New Uniforms For Somerville Cheer!

by The YouCaring Team 10. April 2014 07:06
We could not thank the YouCaring Team enough for all their help. This website allowed our community to support us in ways we did not know possible. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Family Down on Their Luck

by The YouCaring Team 7. April 2014 03:13
"Because of being able to reach out to my Facebook friends, $1,399 was donated to help my family! Here is their THANK YOU!" [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: A Smile for AJ

by The YouCaring Team 3. April 2014 02:10
We raised $7,300 in about 2 months so my 5 yr old grandson could get the desperately needed dental surgery to be able to eat properly. [More]


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