Medical Expense Fundraising For Children's Genome Testing

by JesseW 14. April 2013 13:58
Any parent would do anything to make sure that their child lives a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately, there are times when children become ill for a reasons that are unexplainable, in those cases doctors turn to an expensive process called genome testing.    Genome testing is one of th... [More]

How to Use Crowd-funding to Raise Donations for Your Volunteer Trip

by JesseW 5. April 2013 01:54
Volunteering in a third world country is an excellent way to make a difference in the lives of many people. Unfortunately, service trips can cost a lot due to expensive travel costs and preparation expenses. Here are a few tips to make your volunteer trip less expensive and more attainable through t... [More]

Fundraising Online Allows For Global Support

by JesseW 3. April 2013 06:32
When it comes to online fundraising, the larger your reach is the faster you can meet your fundraising goal. In this post we want to explore one of the major benefits of free online fundraising - Reaching donors from all over the world.    In the past, asking for support from countries lik... [More]

YouCaring Fundraiser Receives Support From The Chicago Bears Roberto Garza

by JesseW 1. April 2013 12:58
    On March 8th, the lives of a Chicago family were turned upside down by a house fire that claimed the life of 12 year old, Dayana Garcia from McHenery.    Dayana was a sweet young girl who was found in the back bedroom of her families two story house, on Friday night after a ... [More]

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