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We are so excited to make our dreams come true and formalize our commitment to each other at our upcoming wedding. Part of our dream has also been to have a family with kids, so instead of wedding gifts, we have setup a donation site to help cover some of the costs of surrogacy.


News flash... two guys can't have babies on their own! But thanks to medical advances, we can have our own kids with the help of a surrogate mom, egg donor, fertility clinic, and about $100,000. Yup, $100k. We have been saving for quite a while, but of course this is all just to get the babies here. Reaching our donation goal of $25,000 would be an amazing help to make our family dreams come true.


The birds and bees... revisited.

Ok- yes, everything you already know about the birds and the bees still applies but we have a few twists when it comes to guys having babies. 

The ultimate goal of the process is to have two kids, one biologically Jason’s and the other Joe’s. Of course we can’t do it alone so we will enlist the help of an anonymous egg donor to provide the genetic other half, and a surrogate mom who will carry the babies to term. Why two different women? Privacy; this protects both the egg donor and the intended parents from any legal recourse in the future. And because the surrogate has no biological ties to the kids she carries, it simplifies the cross adoption.  

All of these efforts are coordinated through a fertility clinic, donor agency as well as 4 different attorneys. With that said, there are no guarantees. Most doctors estimate about a 40% chance of having twins (one Jason’s, one Joe’s) and about 80% chance resulting in one child.


Where we are now...

We are very excited to announce we are already underway in the process of starting our family!  We have been very fortunate to find an absolutely wonderful woman in Fort Worth, CharLynn, to be our surrogate mom. CharLynn is a loving mother of 1, and has been a surrogate mom to 3 other kids. She is a spit-fire personality who gets incredible joy out of helping others have kids and we feel so incredibly lucky to have found her. On the anonymous egg donor side, we are in the process of finalizing contract details with a 22 year old woman out of south Texas.

If all goes according to plan, the embryo transfer and start of the pregnancy could happen a few months after our wedding!  It’s still very early in the process so we will continue to keep everyone updated.

Thank you to our amazing friends and family as we embark on this journey. And a special thank you to Leesa Kaufmann from Fort Worth Fertility who has been instrumental in connecting us with both CharLynn and our potential egg donor! Fertility clinics are not in the business of making these connections, so it is Leesa’s selfless generosity and warm heart that has moved us along faster than we could have ever dreamed.

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