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Help Bring Christian Home to his Family

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Organizer: Seana Collins Beneficiary: Seana Collins

I need to raise funds to pay for my legal fees in getting my grandson from the State of Utah. My Case went before the Supreme Court of Utah and they Reversed it and Remanded it back to Juvenile Court

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The State of Utah (DCFS) took my grandson and put him in Fostercare. I filed a petition to Adopt him and the Judge ignored my case long enough for the foster family to have him 6mos and then she allowed the foster family to adopt him and dismissed my petition and never allowed me to be heard. I Appealed my Case and it got sent straight through to the Supreme Court of Utah. To that point my Legal Fees are over $30,000. It was heard in Oct 2012 and they just ruled on it May 7th 2013. They ruled in my favor and Reversed it and Remanded it back to the Juvenile Court to be redone. So now I have to do everything over again and get ready for Court Hearings to prove that I am the "best interest" for my grandson. This little boy deserves to be with his blood family who loves him very much and has always wanted him. Please help with what ever you can. Even $10 or $20 will add up. Thank you
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