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Beneficiary: Keanu invalid dog Organizer: P.A.W.S.

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We have an urgent situation here, here is the story Keanu is the stray dog with a horrifying destiny. In a small town of eastern Serbia, where he was found with fractured spine, unable to move but only dragged his front legs on grass and slept under bush, occasionally received some food from the people... please read more about Keanu on his blog

As You All know strays are hardly finding a home let alone invalid strays! For them everything is going harder :/ .... After all the trouble that Keanu has gone thro he deserves forever home and someone who will love him the way he is! So we cant let down Keanu now when he finally find FIRST forever home and special person who will take a good care of him. But between he and his new Mom Karen Cole is a 2500 km long trip! There are people with good will to take him to his final destination Dordogne, France but all that is missing is the money for fuel and tolls!

So once again Keanu needs your help … If you can help us to collect the money for Keanu's transport we would appreciate it a lot. 
After all... I know all of you are not going to let him down now when he found forever home. 
Any donation even a minimum would be appreciated a lot!

Thank You All !!
- Dragana -

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