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Steps to Sofi

$14,558.95raised of $17,000 goal

Organizer: Tracy Jensen Beneficiary: Sofi Rose

We are raising money to finalize our adoption of Sofi. We visited her in October and are two months away from bringing her home with us forever.

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5 years ago our youngest child was born with Spina Bifida. Over the past five years, we have witnessed sad things, joyous things, struggles, hardships, and miracles. We believe that we have been given this sweet boy of ours for a reason. We believe that we have been given the knowledge of how to care for our boy so that we can help another child. When we first saw Sofi Rose's picture, we knew she was our daughter. We are so excited to bring her home to her forever family. She will have five big brothers to love her and protect her. She will have a mommy and daddy to adore her. She will be given every opportunity to be something beyond her disability. We need your help to do this. The fees for international adoption are astronomical, and there is a time limit. Please help us bring Sofi Rose home....every little bit will help!


by Tracy Jensen
Yesterday our puzzle fundraiser became final.....and one of our friends won a Kindle! She was so excited and so are step closer to Sofi!  We have one more puzzle we are doing right now....for a chance to win two tickets to Disneyland....we have 200 pieces left....would love to see them go this week!  In 5 weeks we get to see our girl...and that is the most exciting update yet! We can't even imagine what that day will look like....excited...nervous....GRATEFUL.

by Tracy Jensen
We have a referral....which means we will be booking flights, getting hotels lined up, and getting ready to meet our little princess for the first time!  We are excited, and couldn't have gotten this far without you!  Now we are asking for your help to finish it up! :)  Thank you so much for your love, support, and kindness.  We can't wait to share the Sofi's story with the world!

by Tracy Jensen
Our family has been truly blessed.  We have witnessed serious miracles.  During January, our shoe drive went OFF.  We collected over 12,000 PAIRS of shoes.  We earned $9422 towards our adoption!  That was huge.  At this time, we are trying to raise the money for our immigration processing fee and our biometric fingerprinting.  Any help you can give is so appreciated...we are getting so close!!!  Soon we will be able to send our family dossier to Sofi's country to go to court.  Then we will be able to visit her for the first time.  Please please consider helping us get to the next step.  Step by step we will get there! 





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