Bringing "A" Home

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Organizer: The Heppner Family Beneficiary: Heppner Family

Would you consider partnering with us to change a child's life? Adoption is beautiful gift that our savior has given us, please help us extend that gift to a child without a family!

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We returned home with our son in December and our plan had been to wait for some time before beginning this crazy/wonderful process to adopt again. But it seems God had different plans for our family than we did. Several months ago we found that a little girl "A" who is also at the same orphanage our son was at would not be adopted. Many families have turned her down, her file now says that no one wants her because she is too old. We want her! "A" is a precious little girl and ironically the only other child I held while at the orphanage other than our son. Some wonderful friends of ours who live a short distance away just brought "A"’s best friend home with them.  (so hopefully continue to be the best of friends).  Part of the reason we planned to wait to begin the adoption process again is because we depleted our savings during son's adoption and hoped to build it up before beginning again. Any financial help would be much appreciated, but we know that if this is God’s will he will ultimately make a way! May God bless you!

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by The Heppner Family
Wow! We are more than 30% of the way to our initial goal after just one day! And that is with just 8 people giving in faith to bring "A" home! Incredible! So excited to see how God moves in people's hearts today!
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